Make A Difference By Becoming a Tester.

Make A Difference By Becoming a Tester.

Testers are minorities and whites with the same financial qualifications who document whether housing providers treat equally-qualified people differently.

As a tester, you will pose as a typical home seeker and go through the process of inquiring about rental opportunities while keeping track of your experience.

Once you qualify and complete your training as a tester, you will operate as an independent contractor for FHCMD on a project-by-project basis. Pay is based on a sliding scale according to the assignment.

“Testing is a critical tool in exposing discriminatory treatment that might otherwise go undetected”, says Bryan Greene, HUD Acting Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity. “HUD and its fair housing partners will continue to utilize trained testers to identify and end unlawful housing discrimination.”  

Sandra Clemons was recognized at the 2013 Leadership Awards banquet for her work as a tester for FHCMD. We are grateful for her contributions.

"Even though I was just acting, the pain and humiliation of facing discrimination was very real, and I feel proud that my work contributed to better practices and more awareness."