Lisa Robinson, the mother of bi-racial children, one of whom is with disabilities, was threatened with what appeared to be a racially-motivated eviction by her landlord, who informed her that the African American father of her children was not allowed to visit her and his children, although similarly white residents were not threatened. Furthermore, Ms. Robinson had also inquired if she could bring a kitten to her home for the benefit of her disabled child, for therapy purposes and the defendant refused, white families were allowed to do so. Although Huron County is not a part of the FHCMD service area, this office does not refuse to assist a victim of housing discrimination, and upon being contacted by Ms. Robinson, FHCMD staff referred the matter to Lakeshore Legal Aid and assisted the organization with sample pleadings and briefs. Alicia Bianchi, a Lakeshore Legal Aid attorney represented the Robinson family in the 73B District Court and obtained a non-disclosed settlement and the eviction proceeding were dismissed