FILED: Bradley v. Charbonneau Cooperative, et al

NEWS ITEM, JUNE 2014 - - Larry and Karen Bradley, an African American married couple residing in Detroit sought to take advantage of the LIVE IN DETROIT program through Ms. Bradley’s employment  with DTE Energy. They attempted to purchase a unit at Charbonneau Cooperative located in Lafayette Park section of Detroit. During the home inspection, the Bradleys were subjected to obscene and bizarre threats from the coop board representatives in an effort to deny their efforts to live at the  property. Furthermore, the Coop board representatives falsely stated that Charbonneau Co-op was a senior citizen dwelling, although it qualified as a HOP (Housing for Older Persons) pursuant  the Federal Fair Housing Act as well as false representations that there were no available units when in fact there were several that were.  The plaintiffs have filed a federal court action and are represented by FHCMD Cooperating Attorney Stephen A. Thomas. The Honorable Nancy G. Edmunds is the assigned judge in this matter.