Feds: Oakland County’s ‘discriminatory’ housing policies fuel segregation

Oakland County’s “discriminatory” housing policies may have exacerbated housing segregation in Metro Detroit that is the worst in the nation, according to a stunning finding by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The federal agency’s Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity wrote a letter to county officials in April, accusing them of steering $171 million in housing aid since 1989 to homeowners at the expense of renters.

HUD claims the county rarely spends money helping rentals and in fact bars communities from spending certain grant money on multi-family homes. Doing so had a “discriminatory effect on non-white households,” who are more likely to be renters, according to the letter.

“The County may be contributing to the perpetuation of segregation within the Detroit region,” according to a 20-page letter addressed to County Executive L. Brooks Patterson.

If Oakland County doesn’t address the issue, HUD says it will find the county out of compliance with federal rules, jeopardizing more than $7 million in annual funding.

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Bridge Magazine: Feds: Oakland County’s ‘discriminatory’ housing policies fuel segregation