A Unique Opportunity to Help the Cause for Fair Housing

A Unique Opportunity to Help the Cause for Fair Housing

Since its inception over thirty years ago, the Fair Housing Center of Metropolitan Detroit (FHCMD) has fought for the right for all home seekers to be treated fairly and with dignity. They have assisted in the establishment of fair housing centers in more than 20 communities and helped educate and guide thousands working in legal affairs, property management and real estate. The FHCMD has helped to earn over $11 million in financial settlements and awards for victims.

Your support of the Fair Housing Outreach and Education Initiative, will help us to continue providing the community, the state and the region with critical information in the fight against housing discrimination.

Funds will be used for training and public information programs about fair housing issues and will help provide consulting and program implementation to employers, businesses, governmental units, attorneys and housing providers. Legal training for attorneys litigating fair housing cases and support to neighborhood groups and community organizations will also be offered.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Since its inception in 1977, FHCMD has played a major leadership role in supporting fair housing across the United States. We hope that you will support us today by making a contribution to the Fair Housing Outreach and Education Initiative.

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